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Do you have BACK Pain? We Can ELIMINATE Your Back Pain and You Can AVOID Surgery!

  • Is your back in constant pain
  • Have you had a Sports Injury or an Accident?
  • Are you experiencing an extensive lack of range of motion in movements involving your back?
  • Are you avoiding moving because of your back pain?
  • Are you considering back surgery to repair this problem and end the pain?

WHERE you are feeling the pain is NOT where it is coming from. Somewhere a muscle meant to absorb the force, is not functioning. This force is being transferred to your back, causing back pain and limited range of motion.  Drugs and surgery will only provide a temporary solution to what will continue to be a permanent problem. Unless the ORIGIN of the symptom is treated, you will continue to feel the pain. Once we find the origin of your pain, the PHYSICAL SYMPTOM you are experiencing right now will be eliminated and you will be pain free. More importantly, you will regain a range of motion you probably have not experienced in years. Avoid taking drugs to stop your back pain.

Results In Your VERY First Session… GUARANTEED or you pay NOTHING!

In your very first visit with us we GUARANTEE that we will locate the origin of your symptom, take you through a treatment, and at the end of this session, you will have increased your range of motion by a MINIMUM of 25% and seen a similar reduction in pain. If you don’t think that we can HELP YOU to eliminate your shoulder pain, you pay NOTHING. We are that confident.

No Drugs, No Chiropractic, No Physical Therapy, No Surgery, No Lasers… something NEW! The ARP Wave Technology!

End Pain in only 4 sessions, recover 80% than traditional medicine. We know it may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t  There is only one way to know for sure if the ARP Wave System will work for you, and that is to try our no cost, no obligation, RISK FREE TRIAL in one of our ARPWave Clinics. We will do a full treatment and you’ll be able to see for yourself if the ARP Wave therapy can help you. We treat some of the most elite athletes and chronic cases, so we know we can help you. Just complete the form below and see how we can improve the quality of your life.

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Video treatment of lower back pain:

We can ELIMINATE your BACK Pain for all these conditions:

  • Scoliosis
  • Spasms
  • Low Back Pain
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Back Inflammation
  • Radiculopathy
  • Herniated Disk
  • Restricted Range of Motion (ROM)
  • Ruptured Disk
  • Piriformis Syndrome

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Back Pain Treatment Overview Accelerated Injury Recovery Program:
Pain Free in 14 Days (Or Less)


In the VERY FIRST SESSION, with the ARP Wave device and proprietary protocols, you will see an immediate reduction in pain in the injured area and an immediate increase in your range of motion and flexibility. Why? Because after locating the origin of your injury in this first session, we are able to put the muscle into ECCENTRIC CONTRACTION (lengthened) and take you through the movement that hurts the most. The “before” and “after” in this very first session will be astonishing, as we will have turned on the appropriate muscles and transferred the force AWAY FROM THE INJURY and into the “shock absorbers”. With the muscles in eccentric contraction, they are now firing properly and absorbing force.Traditional therapy, however, would STILL be treating where it ended up, stalling the rehab process in its tracks and with little to no reduction in pain.

At the end of this FIRST SESSION you will see a 25% reduction in pain and a vast INCREASE in range of motion. In the second session another 25% reduction in pain and so on until session 4 where typically you’ll be PAIN FREE! How is that possible? We will have broken down the scar tissue in the muscle that was not absorbing force and, more importantly, transferred the force AWAY from the injury and into the muscles; eliminating pain all together and allowing for active movement. Traditional therapy of rest, ice, compression, elevation and stim would have continued to focus on where it ended up and the healing process would STILL be in its infancy. Ever wonder why players are lost for long durations of time and even for seasons? Because traditional therapy does NOT work. It only prolongs the process while Mother Nature does it job and when the job is “finished”, the problem STILL exists. On the ARP Wave System, however, we are contracting the muscles at 500 times per second neurologically, flushing blood to the injured area while treating the injury with ACTIVE movement. Something no other therapy can replicate and allowing us to take an 8 week recovery time frame for example, down to 8 days or less with BETTER RESULTS and a stronger player. Treat the ORIGIN neurologically, you ELIMINATE the injury physiologically at an accelerated pace.


In sessions 5-10 we will now take you through proprietary protocols to break the neurological pattern that caused this injury in the first place. In essence, teach the muscles to respond in the correct way and move properly neurologically. Once this is accomplished, you are PAIN FREE, INJURY FREE and you are stronger and more stable in that area than you have ever been before. But more importantly, you are back 60-70% FASTER and completely asymptomatic!

After your 5th session, you’re back to the activity that was causing your pain, whether it be running, jumping, lifting weights or whatever the activity was painful before you came to see us. After the 10th session, you’re back on the field!


In sessions 11-20 we will neurologically continue to strengthen the muscles while you are playing at full speed in your practices and games. This is the final stage, where we make sure that your muscles are strong again, so the injury doesn’t come back ever again.

Why The World’s Top Pro Athletes Trust Their Multi-Million Careers To Our System of Injury Prevention and Accelerated Rehab

Why are we so successful with the NFL (and all other major sports leagues) and growing that particular client base so rapidly (more than 600 NFL Players use the ARP Wave System to get back from injury 60-70% FASTER than traditional therapy)? Simple. Because when a player comes to us after being told they will be out 6-8 weeks or more, they know that we will get them back in a fraction of that time frame. They KNOW this because we will find the ORIGIN, treat it, eliminate the physiological symptom and in the process make them stronger and FASTER than they were prior to the injury! No one can do what we can do when it comes to accelerating the healing process. NO ONE. And for those athletes that make their living with their body, its results… FAST RESULTS, that matters most.

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